Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What is cooking today?

Jerky. I have a batch of terriyaki jerky in the smoker. Started with some eye of round. I trimmed the fat from the outside and cut it on a slicer for uniformity. I guess about an 1/8th of an inch.

I have a basic recipe that I start with and always go from there. It is something that originally came from my mom and I stripped a bunch of stuff out to get down to my basic.

Standard wet jerky base
Equal parts soy sauce and worchestire
A good bit of granulated garlic powder, granulated onion powder, and fresh ground black pepper.

Standard terriyaki wet jerky base
Same as above except substitute terriyaki for the worchestire.

That is just the start. Depending on the mood that I am in will determine what else goes into the batch. But for starters here are some of the other things that I may or may not add in no particular order.
Cayenne (or many other types of pepper)
sesame oil
brown sugar
pineapple juice
chinese 5 spice
hot sauce
That is just a start. Get the picture? What ever you want to make of it. If you screw up, don't do the same thing next time.

Liquid smoke is not on my list as I cook it in a smoker and get real smoke flavor to it. If I want mesquite flavored, I will use mesquite wood. In fact, you will rarely see me mention liquid smoke as the only thing I use it for is an ingredient in BBQ sauce.

Whatever concoction you come up with, marinate the meat over night. Make sure that the meat is well coated on both sides before leaving to set.

I have this batch going at about 180 in hickory smoke and will be about a 3 hour smoke. I am not trying to make real jerky, just a tasty similarity. It is not dehydrated, nor is it shelf stable. It still needs to remain refridgerated. The picture shown is an almost finished picture, otherwise it did look a lot more full when I started it this morning.

Yums! I just went and had a piece. It's all coming out now.

Go and make yourself some jerky!

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