Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The evil MSG

Let's take a look at MSG today. Monosodium glutamate, sodium glutamate, flavor enhancer 621.

The following is from EU food additive code: E621, HS code: 29224220 (IUPAC name 2-aminopentanedioic acid. Also known as 2-aminoglutaric acid), commonly known as MSG, Ajinomoto, Vetsin, or Accent, is a sodium salt of glutamic acid. MSG is a food additive and it is commonly marketed as a "flavour enhancer".

There is a lot more to read at wikipedia by following this link. Especially if you want to see more technical information.

Why is there such a phobia of this wonderful flavor inhancer? It is basically a natural product.

Modern commercial MSG is produced through fermentation of sugar beets, as well as sugar cane or molasses.

According to Wikipedia, this is a sampling of where you will find MSG.

Canned soups
Pre-prepared stocks often known as stock cubes
Common snack foods
Most fast food
Instant meals such as the seasoning mixtures for instant noodles

It is almost impossible to live in this country without having MSG in your diet, so why all the hooplah? Some people even claim to have allergies to it.

Here is where it all started as far as I can tell. The following is an exerpt from the link.
In April 1968, Ho Man Kwok wrote an article for the New England Journal of Medicine where he said, "I have experienced a strange syndrome whenever I have eaten out in a Chinese restaurant, especially one that served northern Chinese food. The syndrome, which usually begins 15 to 20 minutes after I have eaten the first dish, lasts for about two hours, without hangover effect. The most prominent symptoms are numbness at the back of the neck, gradually radiating to both arms and the back, general weakness and palpitations...". This comment began a global health scare about monosodium glutamate and "Chinese restaurant syndrome" was born. However, research has failed to prove that monosodium glutamate affects a large percentage of the population, and Chinese restaurant syndrome is largely resigned to urban legend status. However, monosodium glutamate is still thought of as suspect by a large proportion of the general public, and many foods continue to be labeled "MSG free". [4]

The following list also from pretty much covers all of the regulations and findings on MSG.
The 1987 Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization placed monosodium glutamate in the safest category of food ingredients.
A 1991 report by the European Community's (EC) Scientific Committee for Foods reaffirmed monosodium glutamate's safety and classified its "acceptable daily intake" as "not specified", the most favourable designation for a food ingredient. In addition, the EC Committee said, "Infants, including prematures, have been shown to metabolize glutamate as efficiently as adults and therefore do not display any special susceptibility to elevated oral intakes of glutamate."
A 1992 report from the Council on Scientific Affairs of the American Medical Association stated that glutamate in any form has not been shown to be a "significant health hazard".
A 1995 FDA-commissioned report acknowledged that "An unknown percentage of the population may react to monosodium glutamate and develop monosodium glutamate symptom complex, a condition characterized by one or more of the following symptoms:
Burning sensation in the back of the neck, forearms and chest
Numbness in the back of the neck, radiating to the arms and back
Tingling, warmth and weakness in the face, temples, upper back, neck and arms
Facial pressure or tightness
Chest pain
Rapid heartbeat
Bronchospasm (difficulty breathing)
Sweating." This list of mostly very non-specific and common symptoms was compiled from anecdotal reports[5

Looks like varied findings and not enough proper testing to me.

I just walked throught he store and picked 15 items off the shelf, 10 of which had MSG in their ingredient list. None of the products were oriental even though we have some oriental products in the store. I purposely did not look at those.

I looked around the web and found some PRO MSG websites, but the number of ANTI MSG websites far out numbered the pro. The funny thing is that when looking at the anti msg websites, they all misquoted the research articles that are posted above as well as left out key information in the studies.

My use of MSG. I see nothing wrong with it, and I'll bet that when I go home, almost all of the seasoning mixes I use have it in their ingredient list. We use it here at the store. We don't use hardly any salt at all, but when something calls for it, we instead use half salt and half MSG. It cuts down the sodium and helps enhance the flavor.

My verdict? Use it until it all runs out. Which doesn't look likely any time soon.


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