Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Monday! Fun Food Facts

I will try to get some content out this week, but will resort to fun food facts as I have become accustomed to doing on Mondays.

Imperia, Italy is the home of the Agnesi Historical Museum of Spaghetti. I was hoping to find a link to post for your viewing pleasure, but can not find one. I do however find many mentions of it out there.

Forks weren't widely used in the United States until the 1800s. It is true. Click here for the wiki.

Italians in Italy consume a million and a half tons of spaghetti every year. Well I see that as of 2007 there are 58 million people in Italy. That works out to about 52 pounds per person per year averaging one pound per week. Seems like a good number.

The national dish of Scotland, haggis, is made of the heart, liver, lungs and small intestines of a calf. It's then boiled in the stomach of the animal, and seasoned with salt, pepper and onions. Oh, and don't forget to add the suet and oatmeal. I'll pass on this dish.

The brewing of beer is recorded as far back as 6,000 years ago. Until the 12th century (when skilled experts took over), women performed the task of making beer as part of their household chores.

The above all comes from a good trivia site. Red are my comments.

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Anonymous said...

About the use of forks---my Grandpa (your great grandpa) always ate with his knife and used the fork to push food onto his knife. Bet you didn't know that!!!