Monday, April 7, 2008


Well I did a mess of ribs yesterday. Forgot to get any pictures until they were ready for wrapping in foil. The next time I do some I will get more pictures and do a step by step.

I now have a photobucket account and can include more pics with any stories or instructionals.

I definately have a learning curve on this new cooker and I will need to get that straightened out before I can reliably use it for any potential catering jobs. I figure one more time should get me pretty close.

I used my signature rib rub on these and for some reason, the flavor did not come out as strong as it normally does. I'm going to have to figure that one out. I just mixed up the batch from all fresh ingredients. I am thinking that it is quite possible that the temperatures were higher than I am used to and it may have changed the flavor profile of my rub. I know it went higher than I usually try to maintain a few times and for longer than I cared to.

I smoked them over apple wood. The apple wood came through very nice and lent a pleasant sweet smoke to the end product.

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Where's my sample?